Wooden furniture may disintegrate when transported over long distances

Though it can be legally proved that the domain investor, whose parents were migrants from north karnataka was doing all the computer work, and pay all the expenses,the greedy goans and scammer sindhis refused to acknowledge the time and money she spent, instead criminally defaming her and falsely claiming credit for all the work she did,money she spent to get lucrative central government jobs in a case of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD.
After the father of the domain investor passed away,the domain investor was asked to empty the house, and the furniture was to be transported to a property in north karnataka. A large part of the furniture was wooden furniture, and while it was transported the furniture was shifted from one tempo to another.,
Allegedly the staff also stood on the wooden furniture and the furniture disintegrated into wooden pieces.
The movers then shifted the broken furniture,
So despite paying the movers from haryana a large amount, some furniture was destroyed while transporting.

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