Second hand, used furniture available for sale

Second hand/used furniture available for sale.
The furniture includes
wooden table
steel table
wooden cupboard
steel cupboard
storage racks
If interested, please contact at

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Replacement rubber caps for furniture

Furniture and exercise equipment use hollow metal tubes, for greater strength
Usually aluminum is used, since it is light in weight and does not get rusted quickly
The metal tube end sections can damage the flooring and also cause injuries if exposed.
So usually the end section is covered with a rubber cap
The rubber cap is not fitted tightly and is often lost when the furniture or exercise equipment is stored.
Finding replacement rubber caps is time consuming.

Stainless steel furniture – mailer reposted

We are a steel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam with over 20 year experience

We are an OEM manufacturer working on customer customized designes

We have made steel OEM products and exported such as:

Stainless steel chair leg

baby steel crib


steel table leg

lamp shade

brochure stand

air conditioner condenser mounting bracket,

bed frame

bed base, etc

window support bracket


expandable gate

steel fencing

stanchion cart

We offer you steel products and parts manufacturing including OEM/ODM according to your design and requirement

Thai Huy An


Mobile Phone/WhatsApp: +84946321650

Factory: Dong Sac Hamlet, Binh My Town, North Tan Uyen, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
+84 27 43868994
: +84 27 43626970

This information is listed free and compiled from newspapers/flyers/email, for a free listing please email
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Factory Light Weight Soundproof 3D Wave Shapes Sound Foam Polyester Recycle PET Sound Panels

Factory Light Weight Soundproof 3D Wave Shapes Sound Foam Polyester Recycle PET Sound Panels

3DWallBoards was established in 2011, is a fair trade, production, processing, distribution company. It is a professional management company to clear the core and strive to provide high quality, low cost acoustic panel enterprise. Products are mainly sold in the retail, wholesale and other business operating in a competitive price.

With steadily growing sales and extensive application, our products are sold to customers of piping contractor, office interior designer, restoration contractor, interior painting firm, and other companies. InteriorVWall offers basement, kitchen and bathroom renovations, wall tiles, textured wall panels, steel and wood stud frames, plasterboard, tape, interior paint and more for London, Ontario! CommercialVService is a professional roofing and home improvement company headquartered in Definance, Ohio. It also provides commercial and residential services in Northwest Ohio. FCBI offers integrated mechanical engineering services for a wide range of construction projects, from new construction to tenant improvement of existing facilities. XSXTRQ is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and its business involves architecture, interior design, property management, consulting and related trade activities.


Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk

Sound Panels Soundproof Fireproof Decorative Wall Polyester 3D PET Sound Acoustic Panels

You may find our clients from all over the world, such as Brasília Brazil, Hyderabad India, Bursa Turkey, Lille France, Coventry United Kingdom, Shizuoka Japan, Tel Aviv Israel, Toronto Canada, Busan South Korea, Islamabad Pakistan, Dayton United States, Virginia Beach United States, etc.

Problem Regarding Acoustics

1. Can you send me all the info of the polyester soundproof panel and all your catalog please?

2. We are looking for melamine resin foam, thickness 10-30mm, which will be used in automotive industry, as sound absorber. Product should be similar to Basotect, produced by BASF Company. Please let me know if you can provide such product, what price, MOQ. We are interested in sheets or rolls.

3. We are interested in purchasing your sound dampening products for general industrial and automotive applications. We prefer to buy the product in the form of rolls of about 50 lbs each or sheets (1 sq. m or 1sq. ft). We are also looking for any other product available as a liquid for the same application. Please send us a catalog of your products.

These products are applicable to Tongliao Stadium, Inner Mongolia, Lecture Hall of the Royal Society of Medicine, London, Yunnan Zhaotong National Middle School, Jingu Rice Industry of Shixing County, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Zunyi Olympic Sports Center, and so on.

Our manager sincerely welcomes all companies at home and abroad to contact us for more details.



PIH – Modular Partition Details -phishing email

Greetings from Almuftah Contractors.


We’re leading contracting company in Doha – Qatar, one of our ongoing hospital projects is looking for modular partition system.

Kindly arrange to send us your best proposal including the prices, technical and commercial details, brand, warranty, delivery period and best payment terms for the supply and installation of modular partition, please find attached the Detail Drawings & Specs.

Price: EXW or FOB or Including installation at site, in doha qatar.

Looking forward to hearing from you asap.

The offer should reach us not later than 10/03/2023.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Almuftah Interiors for Contracting
(A member of Almuftah Group)
Tel.: +974 4466 9326
Fax: +974 4466 9327

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