Moulded Plastic chairs are not very durable

Most people who require chairs for their home or for public functions prefer to purchase cheap plastic chairs
Though the plastic chair price will vary depending on the brand , most are available for Rs 350 in panaji, they are cheaper elsewhere
However, the chairs are not very durable, especially for victims of government slavery
In india, the government agencies are openly involved in government slavery in the indian internet sector refusing to acknowledge the citizens from poorer communities doing computer work, investing money in domains, and make fake claims about raw/cbi employees who get monthly salaries only for FAKING bank account
This government slavery is very frustrating for the slavery victims especially in panaji, goa
So after the government slavery victims use the plastic chair for a few months, the chairs will start disintegrating or slipping when someone will sit on it.

Greedy goan bhandari sisters keep their expensive furniture on the roads during home renovation

Due to the goa government slavery in the internet sector after CYBERCRIME, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, the Greedy goan bhandari sisters R&AW employee sunaina chodan, piyu, purvi who do not do any kind of computer work, do not invest money in domains like the greedy gujju fraudster raw employee amita patel, other raw/cbi employees, yet get government salaries for faking domain ownership in a google, tata masterminded online fraud.

One of the scammer sisters got married in January, and before the marriage, the scammer sisters arranged for an expensive renovation of their home.
To avoid paint and other debris damaging their furniture, they decided to keep their expensive furniture on the roads during home renovation.

The furniture highlighted the great losses, the domain investor is facing because of the goa government slavery in the internet sector, they have a lot of expensive furniture since they get salaries for FAKING domain ownership, without paying domain expenses
In contrast most of the furniture in the home of the domain investor is destroyed by the termites, and the scammer sistes and their powerful relative pritesh chodankar like caro, nayak, also make it impossible to get the home repaired.

Different types of furniture used

Furniture listed includes:

The home and office furniture may be made from wood – teakwood, plywood, plastic, MDF, stainless steel, aluminium or other composite material

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